Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful Bellingham

For all the flack the Northwest gets for its constant rainy weather, everyone has to admit that the result of all that rain is inarguably beautiful when the sun does shine here. The weather has been warm and sunny and we are loving being here with my family. One of my favorite things about Bellingham is Eclipse Bookstore, a used bookstore that has practically every title imaginable. Matt absolutely loves this place and always, always makes sure to stop in here every time we're in WA. Another one of my favorites is the bridge at Boulevard Park. Right on the shore of the Bellingham Bay, this place is a runner's/walker's paradise. Walking on the bridge today was breathtaking and we are looking forward to many more walks here before we leave.

Best bookstore ever!

This building is gorgeous, built not too long ago, it looks right on out to the Bay.

The proud Grandparents

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  1. I bet your parents are so happy to see you. Say hi to your mommy for me. We are so glad to hear you made it. We will be praying and probably seeing you in TO soon...we arrive June 1st. Love you guys, the Coatesies