Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family Pics

I've known Rachel Ferkovich for quite a while now having first met her as a high school student when I was on staff. I never cease to be amazed to see students like her grow up, and the best thing is not only seeing how they develop and mature into adults but to witness their faithfulness to Christ. It can be easy for a lot of teenagers who are raised in Christian families and who have gone to church their whole lives to rely on a false sense that they're Christian only to find that when they leave this bubble as they go off to college or work, that the faith they've been proclaiming was really their parent's and not their own. So it is always such a joy and encouragement to me in looking at former students like Rachel and to see their relationship with the Lord only blossom and flourish as they grow older.

A couple of weeks before we left Cali, Rachel wanted to come over and take some family portraits for us. She is such a sweet and servant-minded girl and we love how the pictures turned out. Thanks so much Rachel!


  1. I can't believe you're already GONE!?!? Well, I guess you know you're REALLY done now and we're happy for you! Love all the pics--can't get enough of Baby Jet...and I love the pic of J.Mac explaining his bronze shoes!!! Love you guys.

  2. Wow! Those are the sweetest pics of you and your new little family! I love Jet's spikey lil hairdo.... so cute. You're a great blogger...looking forward to reading about all your adventures!

    P.S. be on the look out for a package at your parents. Should arrive no later than Tues. And the gift from Four Seasons in there too! Love ya!