Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mac Attack

Wow! What a day! Today was definitely one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Being a wife of a graduating seminary student granted me the privilege of being invited to our pastor's home, where Patricia MacArthur hosted a brunch for us to enjoy. I had such a great time seeing a lot of ladies I hadn't seen in a while and hearing what their plans were post-seminary. Arkansas, Georgia, China, or more schooling at TMS were just some of the many destinations I was able to hear about. It is so exciting to see the various paths God is setting before each of us as we seek to do His will and to see how our husbands (and us!) will use what they've learned over the last few years to serve the Lord and His church.

I have gone to Grace Community Church for over 10 years now and I can't even fully describe my love for this church and for how thankful I am for the faithful teaching of God's word through John MacArthur and the other pastors there. My greatest times of spiritual growth has taken place at this church where I was served, admonished, taught, encouraged, and loved. God has used Grace Church to pour out innumerable blessings upon me and I will forever have a special place in my heart for this body of Christ.

Yadi Wood, me, Brooke Smith, and Erin Coates
Patricia MacArthur was so kind and hospitable. She was running around the entire time serving us and making sure we had everything we needed and she even led us on a tour of Pastor John's study - while he was in there studying! The MacArthurs are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Mrs. MacArthur also took some time to give us some words of encouragement, reminding us that our greatest ministry will always be to our husband and children, something which she has been so faithful to live out.
Pastor John - what a sport! He was preparing next week's sermon when a ton of us crashed his study. What a kind, kind man. He could've easily locked his door or been very short with us to get back to studying but he took the time to talk with us and he even let us bombard him with plenty of photo requests. This man is as warm and kind as he is bold and relentless in preaching the Word - this world is beyond blessed to have him in it.

I saw a pair of gold shoes sitting on the floor so I asked him about them. As many of you Gracers know, Pastor John was a major athlete and these were his old football cleats. Not wanting to replace them with a new pair when he tore them back in the day, he had them stitched up instead. Now they're immortalized in bronze as a reminder of his footballin' days.

Woo hoo! I got a picture with J Mac! I am convinced that his house and this study will be made into a museum one day. The result and impact of the many hours this man spends in this study I think will only be fully realized in Heaven.

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