Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Made It!

After making our way out of Granada Hills at around 10:45am on Monday, we rolled into Bellingham, WA at about 5:30pm on Tuesday. We basically drove non-stop with Matt and I taking turns behind the wheel, throw in a stop at the dentist in Visalia and multiple stops to feed the Monkey, and you've got yourself a longer road trip than anticipated. But this was a good test run to prepare us for the motherlode road trip to Toronto in a few weeks. Jet did amazing in the car (of course!) and was by far the happiest passenger the entire ride. Now that we're in B-ham with my parents, we are looking forward to eating well, taking fun hikes and walks, and spending quality time with my family. Thank you for all your prayers regarding our drive up here - the Lord answered them! We had absolutely no issues whatsoever with the car or trailer, and we didn't even die when I drove! We miss all you Californians already, love you all.

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