Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From B.C. to Alberta

Hi Everyone! I'll be short with my words on this update since it's late and we are beat tired but just wanted to let you all know that we made a pretty smooth crossing at the border and are currently in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The drive through B.C. and the first half of Alberta was amazing, like looking at a cinematic movie scene the entire time as the pictures will testify, and the latter part of the drive through Alberta has been what I imagine Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would have called home. But we are all doing well, Jet has been a champ in bearing with the long hours of driving and Matt has been our awesome fearless leader so we are well on our way to Toronto! Will try to update again soon!

Monkey checking out the scenery - this kid breaks my heart with how cute he is

In the famous Banff National Park - so beautiful!

Lake Louise = Absolutely breathtaking

This is what the second half of Alberta looks like, farms and flat, go prairie land!

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  1. gorgeous! Caleb and I went to Banff for our honeymoon and loved it.