Saturday, August 14, 2010


It was finally time to head back home today after an absolutely fabulous 2 day getaway. On our way back we stopped in Bracebridge, a cute little Muskoka town, and did some window shopping. I loved this area, so quaint and charming and I am looking forward to visiting again in the future.

I love old buildings, how cool would it be to have this as your public library?

A tribute to the Canadian soldiers who fought in WWII in Bracebridge's local park. It was funny, on the flight back to Toronto from Vancouver, I ended up meeting an actor who was one of the main soldiers in movies like "Saving Private Ryan" and "Flag of our Fathers," which was so cool since Matt and I love watching those kinds of movies. He was telling me about the importance of Canada's role in the war and how working in those films was so great since he had relatives who actually fought in it. The history surrounding WWII is so fascinating and I am definitely always wanting to learn more about it.

Strolling down the main street

I absolutely loved this store. They had the coolest antique items, everything from old authentic golf clubs to baking ware, I was so impressed with their vintage collection.

Sometimes I think it would be fun to be a millionaire just so I could buy cool decor stuff like this for a house.

This place is called "Marty's World Famous Cafe" and it's apparently their butter tarts that put them on the map. The place inside was so cute and of course we had to try one of their tarts!

I don't even want to know the calorie count for this

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  1. 3 Things:
    1. Looks like a fabulous time away - so glad you guys had a chance to do that!
    2. The ice cream I had at Kawartha was Marty's Butter Tart Ice Cream!
    3. There is a Kawartha Dairy in Uxbridge. Dangerous.