Thursday, August 12, 2010


This upcoming Sunday will be mine and Matt's 2 year wedding anniversary so as a surprise, Matt, being the amazing and sweet husband that he is, planned a little getaway to the Muskoka area and booked us a couple of nights at Deerhurst Resort. The name might sound familiar because they just hosted the G8 Summit here not too long ago. We had so much fun on our first day here already and we can't wait to enjoy tomorrow!

My handsome boys

True water baby

Getting his tan on

Fun in the sun!

We just happened to be walking by the putting greens after dinner when we ran into one of the golf employees. He was such a sweet older gentleman who ended up giving us free bottles of water, clubs, and balls to use for a couple of hours, what a blessing it was to us! I think it is important for us wives to be interested and involved in what our husbands enjoy. So I swung and putted my heart out today and ended up having a blast! Matt was such a patient and encouraging coach - definitely looking forward to doing more of this in the future.

Nice form;)

Starting him young

Tiger who?

Could your heart just break?

"Ah Grasshopper..."

Kawartha Dairy is nearby so of course we had to get some icecream - yummy!

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  1. AMAZING shots Sue! Happy Anniversary!