Sunday, August 29, 2010

Harvest Durham Soft Launch

When Matt and his guy BFF, Ian Hales, came out to Master's Seminary, it was with the goal of somehow using what they would learn to come back to Canada to serve the people here in whatever capacity the Lord saw fit. Well, a dream come true is happening where Ian will head up a church plant as our senior pastor in the region where the boys grew up and where Matt will serve on a volunteer basis functioning in a few different roles. This is such an exciting event, one which they and many people in the area have been looking forward to - to start a church that exalts the Lord and His word above all else. The official launch date for Harvest Durham is Sept. 19th, with a couple soft launches before then. If you think of it, please pray for us, that the Lord will empower us to be faithful to love and obey Him as we seek to serve each other and the community by preaching and living out the Truth. We are so excited for what the Lord has done and will do in and through this church - to God be all the glory!

We will be meeting in this high school; we are so thankful for such a nice facility

The Next Generation.
There are already 6 born, with 3 more on the way!

Setting up - everything went so well and looked so nice, go team!

Ian throwing it down!

Our awesome launch team!

The BFFs - back together again and couldn't be any happier

And to finish off this post, some pics of Monkey's bath hairdos!

The 'Hawk

The Don King

The Uni


  1. Oh man that pic of Ian and Matt brought a tear to my eye! It seems like yesterday we all set out for TMS! I am in awe of our Great God!!!! Thanks for your updates, I feel much more connected, love you girl! Erin

  2. Getting excited about the 19th Sue! That's the same date that the Coxes' are launching Harvest in Carson City, NV too...pretty cool. Can't wait to hear how things are going. Love that little monkey and his wild side hairDOS!

  3. The Don King is my fave....but lil' Jet could pull off any do with the good looks and style he so obviously inherited from his beautiful mommy and studly daddy!