Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

Better than anything I could ever cook up...

Jet's first time eating sweet potato - "He likes it Mikey!"

My sister-in-law (thanks Tara!) got Jet this outfit before he was even born. Unfortunately I don't think it will fit him when it's actually Halloween time so needless to say, Jet's kicking off the Halloween festivities now.

I could barely get the beanie on, and I couldn't even leave it on for long since I think it was cutting off the circulation around his head. Our big little boy!

Our little Pumpkin


  1. Ha ha! Oh my goodness it is just too cute, especially the tight little pumpkin hat! I guess I'll just have to find a bigger outfit now!
    Thanks for putting him in the outfit and letting us see the cuteness!!

  2. Sue, Jet is a stud! I am sitting here with my mom and chad and we all just couldn't get over how cute he is!! Love and miss you, Cj

  3. hey! i LOVE all your posts + your recipes. so healthy =) i just sent you an email about my bellingham adventure! love ya, dar