Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eat, Spa, and Be Merry

The girls lived it up today starting with a Sunday brunch buffet, followed by a trip to the spa, and topped all off with a nice family dinner. Talk about spoiled! Thanks to the hubbies for taking care of the kids and for letting us go have some girly fun.

The brunch was overwhelming with how much food they had. A diet is definitely calling my name after this weekend.

The spa at The Rosseau Marriot.
The location, atmosphere, and amenities were great, but I was a little disappointed with the customer service. I rarely say anything and I said something! And their response was not satisfactory whatsoever but I hope they strive to do better in the future. Having experienced a couple different spas since leaving the ones I've worked for has made me so thankful for my former employers. I've realized that Glen Ivy and the Four Seasons are leaders in the industry and that they definitely set the standard for an excellent spa experience that others should emulate.

Me, my brother-in-law's girlfriend, Ive, Sarah Hales, and my mother-in-law Alison. I love spending time with these ladies.

Their tea selection was good

The view was beautiful

Hugs and kisses at dinner

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