Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Niagara Falls

We have been enjoying having my parents here visiting us and today we took a 2 hour trip south around Lake Ontario to go see Niagara Falls. It was breathtaking to see in person and the drive was beautiful. Fall is in full effect here and it couldn't be any more gorgeous!

The bridge to America (specifically, New York). I was very tempted to cross the border, oh how I miss my beloved Target. Can you believe that they don't have them here? Didn't your compassion level just go up a few notches for me?

When I first saw this I was very impressed until Matt said that this was America's version of Niagara Falls and wasn't truly the real thing, which was on Canada's side (translation: "Your country's waterfall is lame, ours is cool.")

Here she is, in all her glory! And yes, that is a boat getting very close to it. I was a little scared for them at first but my informative husband stilled all my fears when he told me that even if the boat tried to go into the falls with all its motor might, it would not be able to since the force from the fall's current is so strong. Phew!

So sweet

The mist from the falls is so strong that it basically feels like it's raining

Handsome & Handsome

I'm freaked of heights (and drowning) so of course I stood there and imagined over and over again what it would be like to go over the water's edge. It was scaring me but I couldn't stop myself - I'm telling you, Niagara Falls casts a powerful spell! Kind of like a Dementor from Harry Potter.

With Popo (Mandarin for "Grandma"). Just wanted to clarify in case you thought my mom was a cop.

I love that Jet is already half the size of my mom in length and weight:)

The turning of the leaves. Fall is mine and Matt's most favorite season, isn't it so beautiful? After living in LA for over the last 10 years, I can say that I am so excited to begin experiencing all four seasons again.

A little stretch break at one of our scenic stops

I just love him so much

There were so many of these country family farms on the drive by the Niagara River, so of course we had to stop

I love pumpkins, they make me happy

Beautiful Fall Harvest

My parents bought some of these local grapes - they were delicious! This region has a ton of vineyards and are known for their ice wine.

Then we stopped in a town called Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is not in the same area as Niagara Falls mind you. It was like taking a step back in time - so quaint and charming.

Their Chamber of Commerce. Many of the buildings are from the mid 1800's.

The indomitable Margaret and George Phan!

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