Saturday, February 12, 2011

2nd Bday Party

Having two families on opposite coasts is working out quite well for the Monkey; having already celebrated his upcoming 1 year birthday with the Phan family in Washington, we celebrated again today with Team Canada. The place was teeming with adults and kids alike and we had a great time eating, talking, and laughing as we celebrated the joyous occasion of Monkey turning 1!

Pre-party breakfast, excited to par-tay!

We had a chili and baked potato bar; I highly recommend this menu for large group parties, this is when crockpots are truly your friend.

The spread

 Yellow cupcakes with buttercream frosting & sprinkles

I got this great idea for veggie dip cups from my Crafty Spice friend, Carly Brannon

 Decided to put the fruit into cups too; I really liked serving individual portions, makes it easy for people to help themselves, plus, they look so pretty this way!

Popcorn bar

 Gettin' the party started with Sarah & Karis Hales and Grandma Sylvester

 What better way to celebrate a 1st birthday than to eat a 1st cupcake?

 Jet was unsure about the cupcake at first, thinking it was something more to play with than eat. But then Matt stuck a piece of it into his mouth and it was over.

 I think he liked it:)

 Grandma love

 Present time!

 At one point during the opening of presents, I looked down amidst all the gifts and little kids and didn't see Jet. This Munchkin is so quick and stealthy, he had crawled underneath the table without anyone seeing him, I call him my "Houdini Baby."

I later found photographic evidence of his escape in progress 
(I have no idea what Matt and I are distracted by)

 Jet got lots of books - yay! - we love books.

 With Uncle Adam & Auntie Ive

We are so thankful for our little Monkey

 It's been a hard day's play. Party: success!

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