Friday, February 4, 2011

Date Nite in Bellingham

My parents were kind enough to watch Jet tonight so that Matt and I could go out, just the two of us. Matt was in the mood for a good sandwich so we checked out a place that was new to the both of us called Old World Deli in downtown Bellingham, followed by some coffee and dessert at Espresso Avellino, topped off with some bookstore browsing. It was a lovely night out with my Hunny and we praise God for Grandparents!

They use high quality everything, from the meats to the cheeses, to the housemade sauces and soups, we really liked this place!

 I am a sucker for grilled sandwiches and will almost always choose grilled over cold any day. My order: the Sopressata sandwich with a cup of the Chicken Lentil soup and a glass of their homemade lemonade - it was all super tasty!

Matt's order: The Horseradish Roast Beef sandwich with a glass of Arnold Palmer. I have to admit that I think his sandwich choice was better than mine even though I typically love grilled sandwiches more. I think it was the homemade horseradish sauce that put this sandwich over the top; Matt said it was the best sandwich he's had all year - wow!

 Coffee houses run rampant in the Northwest, hey, Starbucks was birthed in Seattle!, and there are tons of coffee shops in Bellingham that use locally roasted beans, which I love. Espresso Avellino is just one of the many coffee shops here that we decided to check out tonight. Matt and I had a wonderful time sipping our beverages and having sweet fellowship with one another.

They make their own baked goods and chai (yay for made from scratch businesses!) so of course I had to get their peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and a cup of their chai tea latte.

 My hot date.
I love this man so much and for any of you who know him, you would understand why. Matt is not only gorgeous on the outside but he has such a sweet and genuinely caring heart and I love how in one instance we can be talking deep about spiritual issues and in another moment be goofy and laughing about something no one else would find funny. He is the best man I know, the handsomest I've ever seen, and my greatest human example of Christ-likeness. I can't believe I have the privilege of being his wife and I am abundantly blessed to be loved by him.

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