Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jet's 1st Haircut

When Jet was born, one of the things that caught me and Matt by surprise was the amount of hair he had. I never had heartburn or any other symptoms that people say is typically associated with a baby who has a lot of hair so we were quite humored when he popped out with a full mop.  Ever since then, it's only grown more and more and is one of his physical features that people always comment on (it's probably one of the major reasons why strangers always think he's a girl:) He technically got his hair cut for the first time a couple months ago when I trimmed his bangs since they were getting so long but in terms of a real hair cut, this was it and it was a bit sad when we had my hairdresser aunt cut his hair last night; we knew it had to be done (his view was getting obstructed) but we really liked his long hair and thought it was so cute and it was hair he's had since he was born but we realize that this is just one of the many joys and pains of parenting: letting him grow up.

Some before shots

He did a good job sitting still

This isn't even all of it - he had so much hair!


 Our handsome little man


  1. Ahhhh!!!!! Love the new look!!!! Such a handsome little guy xx

  2. Aw looks so cute - he looks totally different and definitely like an almost-1-year-old boy!
    Glad you guys had great time in B-Ham!!!

  3. Awwww, loved all the pics Sue!! Happy happy birthday to your little monkey Jet. What a cutie pie. Miss you girl. We are loving Seaside, definitely been an answer to prayer.