Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dollarama rocks!

I love cheap chic living; sure there are some fancy things that are worth splurging on but in general, if I can purchase something that looks and functions great and can save our family some money, I am all over it!

A couple weeks ago, I broke one of my mother-in-law's cool white serving bowls. After informing her of my unfortunate clumsiness, she responded by saying, "Oh those? They only cost a dollar so don't even worry about it." I'm thinking, "Uh-huh, sure Mom, you just don't want me to feel bad because you're sweet like that. $1? Nice try." But then I went into a dollar store and saw those same exact bowls there. I couldn't believe it because I thought she got all her dishware at some fancy-schmancy store but as I later discovered, most of her great-looking serving dishes were purchased at the dollar store.   

Now I was never a really big fan of the dollar stores in the States, the inventory I saw in there didn't impress me, most of the things were cheap, and looked cheap. Then I come to Canada, go into the dollar stores here and am blown away by their stock. Granted, not everything is $1 but the highest something will be priced is $2, which in my book, is still a steal.

So I was in a Dollarama this week when I spotted these fabulous dinnerware items and after being advised by my mother-in-law that once they sell out, they sell out, I went back today to make an investment for future entertaining. I love white and glass dishware and serving pieces because they are so versatile for any occasion and season, and look so elegant, chic, and simple. And if you ever wanted to have open cabinetry, they could serve as decorative pieces too. Compared to very similar looking plates you can get at a place like Pottery Barn, a square dinner plate about the same size would cost you $9 each, at Dollarama: $2. The Dollarama plates are also oven/dishwasher/microwave safe so they not only look pretty but are fully functional as well. 

I purchased 8 martini glasses, 8 rectangular plates, 8 square plates, and 8 decorative balls and walked out of the store spending a total of $65.67 (okay, so the tax here hurts a little) with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Martini glasses: $1.25 each

Rectangular & square dinner plates: $2 each

Decorative wooden balls: $2 each. I had to get these too, I thought they looked so awesome, like I got these in Africa, hand-carved by a local native. These will look cool grouped together in some sort of bowl.


  1. NICE Suelynn!! Great buys!
    Isn't Dollarama the bestest???

  2. Yes T - I love Dollarama with all my heart.