Friday, August 26, 2011

Brother & Sister

Growing up as an only child, there was nothing more I wanted than to have a brother or sister. Every year as I thought through what I wanted for Christmas, a sibling always topped the list. I never got that brother or sister (my parents got me a puppy instead) but now I get the privilege of raising siblings and it has been amazingly wonderful to witness the bond that is already forming between them. Jet is such a sweet and caring brother to his little sister and I pray that as they continue to grow, their love for one another will as well.

Here are two little video clips I took this morning. Savoring these kind of moments is what life is all about:

At one point, Roxy started to slip and Jet started saying, "Uh-oh, uh-oh" while trying to catch her, I could just die from the cuteness!

There are times when I think Roxy and Jet look so much alike, and other times when they look so distinctly different. But when I gave her a bath last night, I was having flashbacks to when I would bathe Jet around her age since their bath faces look so similar. What do you think?

 And some Roxy Girl shots just because she's so cute. Can't believe she's 9 weeks old already!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Last week Matt had his first deal! He was representing the buyer and was able to help them find a home quickly; I'm so proud of my Hubby and so thankful to the Lord for His kindness and provision to us in this way.

Sold!!! Woo hoo!!!

Matt was pretty modest about the whole thing...

So I made him express what I felt for him:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anniversary Getaway

Matt and I were blessed to get away for a night to celebrate our anniversary and what better place is there to celebrate than in lovely Muskoka! We went to a wonderful little bed and breakfast in Rosseau called Northern Landing. The place was great and the owners, Sheila and Peter, even took us out on their boat and gave us a little tour cruise of Lake Rosseau and in the morning Sheila cooked up an amazing breakfast for us and even sent us off with a candle from the Muskoka Candle Co. (the guy who makes them happens to live right next door) - such wonderful hospitality. If you're looking for a nice little place to stay that is reasonable in price, I would highly recommend this place!

But before you see some pics from our night away, I wanted to give a major shout-out to my awesome hubby who preached his first sermon ever in church! Ian was away with the fam on vacation so Matt filled in for him this last Sunday and he did an incredible job! I'm so proud of you Hunny! If you want to hear his message, here's the link:

Great sermon on Psalm 90

And this picture was so funny, I had to post it

Okay, now pics from Muskoka:

Our lovely B&B - Northern Landing

They had a little shoreline in the back, which was perfect for Jet. I think that day was the best day of his life so far.

Having so much fun with Daddy

He also saw a frog for the first time ever and now loves them, yay for me:)

How cute is he? I mean Jet, not the frog, that thing was nast!

The poor frog

Catching tadpoles

This is how Miss Roxy enjoyed herself

So sweet

The day was glorious and we were so thankful for the complimentary boat ride, what a treat!

So many of the cottages were just gorgeous. The boathouses alone are already amazing and are typically outfitted with a kitchen and bedrooms and then you see its larger counterpart and it just takes your breath away. It's funny how there is such a cottage culture here, something I was completely unfamiliar with living in the States. Matt and I would definitely like one of these someday:)

A lot of celebrities have cottages up here - this one is Kurt Russell's and Goldie Hawn's place

Sheila and Peter anchored the boat at a nearby beach so Matt had a fun time getting his swim on

Can you blame him? A warm sunny day on a beautiful quiet lake, I wanted to join him!

One very happy foot

Hottie alert!!! An awesome preacher and good-looking? Boy did I score!

Woke up

This is the back of the B&B

Since we were on vacay we decided to let Jet play till he tuckered himself out - ha! Just take a look at those faces and guess who's the tired one. Our little man is Energy 101. We wanted to fall asleep so bad while he just wanted to keep running around past midnight! 

On our way home; I love that he's still holding onto the chip