Friday, August 5, 2011

Bibles for Missions

Shopping as ministry? It may sound crazy but it's true! My sister-in-law and I checked out the Canadian thrift store chain called Bibles for Missions today. It works just like a Goodwill but the income they generate goes towards distributing Bibles around the world - how cool is that?! So not only can you stock up on some great finds at amazing prices but you can do it with gusto knowing that God's word is being spread to the ends of the earth.

There were so many things I loved about this place:

- Their mission of course!
- It's clean and nicely organized
 - They've got everything. From vintage typewriters to cool kitchenware, this store will help you in your quest to being cheap chic
- They have sales on different groups of items all the time, like today, when we went up to pay for our items they told us that it was all 50% off - saweet!
- The workers there are all volunteers and are all so nice
- You can drop and break something (*ahem*) and they won't even make you pay for it
- They'll even buy your stuff for you! (well, sort of). Tara's credit card wasn't working for some reason (not for lack of funds might I add:) and the worker ends up pulling money out of her own pocket and pays for it herself telling Tara to pay it back next time. It was only $1, but still!

To all my local friends, go check this place out. You will love it!

Tara and I walked away with really cool, vintage looking mason jars, I got 5 great jars for a grand total of $1.55:

 Can you tell how excited Tara is about our score?

These ones with the crown imprint and cool top were especially cool

I'll use these to serve drinks in

And some Roxy pics just because she's so cute:

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  1. saaawweeet indeed - I think Justine would appreciate us visiting there. : )