Friday, August 26, 2011

Brother & Sister

Growing up as an only child, there was nothing more I wanted than to have a brother or sister. Every year as I thought through what I wanted for Christmas, a sibling always topped the list. I never got that brother or sister (my parents got me a puppy instead) but now I get the privilege of raising siblings and it has been amazingly wonderful to witness the bond that is already forming between them. Jet is such a sweet and caring brother to his little sister and I pray that as they continue to grow, their love for one another will as well.

Here are two little video clips I took this morning. Savoring these kind of moments is what life is all about:

At one point, Roxy started to slip and Jet started saying, "Uh-oh, uh-oh" while trying to catch her, I could just die from the cuteness!

There are times when I think Roxy and Jet look so much alike, and other times when they look so distinctly different. But when I gave her a bath last night, I was having flashbacks to when I would bathe Jet around her age since their bath faces look so similar. What do you think?

 And some Roxy Girl shots just because she's so cute. Can't believe she's 9 weeks old already!

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