Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Getaway

One of the things I've learned about Canadians since moving here is how much they love their holidays. I mean, they made up a new holiday not long ago called "Family Day" - come on! Well today is Civic Day, which I have no idea what we're celebrating but it means a long weekend so bring it on! We were able to head back up north to Muskoka this weekend and have some fun in the sun.

Sleeping arrangements while traveling are interesting now that we have a rambunctious Monkey on our hands. But snuggle time in the big bed seemed to do the trick.

Don't you just want to bite on those cheeks?

Doing what little boys like to do of course: 
throwing rocks into the water pail

Swim time

He loved this rock and kept picking it up and throwing it over and over again

Going through a rite of passage: eating sand

Little Rox

Loves his Pop Pop

Our friends, the Minions, were kind to bring us out on their boat. So fun.

A perfect ending to a perfect day: Kawartha icecream!

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