Saturday, October 8, 2011

Whittamore's Farm

There are quite a few lovely family farms around the Durham region and I have been wanting to visit this one since last year and was finally able to make it happen today with the fam. It was a gorgeous and very warm day and the place was packed! It was like Disneyland, pumpkin-version. We had a great afternoon as a family and I am hoping this becomes a yearly fun family tradition.

Inside this building is a great store that sells local produce, baked goods, preserves, and other goodies. 

Checking out the cow

When the cow finally came up to Jet, he freaked and ran away.

Woke up to get into the pumpkin action

Just ignore where that bag is from:) But come on, don't french fries make everyone happy?

This video is only 1 second long but I had to post it because Jet's joy is too cute not to share

Gang-star Jet

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  1. HAHAHAHA - Jet is jsut rocking it.
    Really glad you guys are able to spend time all together.
    The Pumpkin outing looks like it was great.