Thursday, January 5, 2012


If you live in the province of Ontario and are looking for inexpensive furniture to refinish, I highly recommend checking out Moveline. They sell used hotel furniture and you can get some major scores there and their inventory is constantly evolving. On our way home from our Niagara getaway, we happened to be driving right by the warehouse so we stopped in. The Lord was so kind to provide some things we were specifically looking for: 2 nightstand tables, a desk, and two lamps - all for a great price! 

One of the employees was eager to point out Sarah Richardson's and Steven and Chris's picture on their wall as being fans of the place and I can see why. So if you're ever out in Oakville or even if you're not, Moveline is worth checking out. You can even browse their website to see what they have in stock before you go.

I almost always forget to take "before" pictures of what I refinish - sorry! But these nightstand tables were a red mahogany color so I painted them white and changed out the knobs and voila! Also bought a new lampshade for the lampstand to finish out the look.

These nightstand tables were $33 each, I just used the same can of white paint I've been using on a lot of the other furniture pieces and with a new knob I paid about a dollar for at Michael's, these tables come in at about $36. Who knew that Michael's sells knobs? I sure didn't but they are cheap, only $1.50 each and if you wait for their coupon specials, you can pay even less for that (don't ever step foot into Michael's without some sort of coupon in your hands - that place is majorly overpriced without one! But I must say that I was quite impressed with their $1.50 section, very pretty stationary and fun little knick knacks).

And the lamps were $15 each. The lampshades they came with were a little shabby and not at all chic so I just went with simple, white drum shades that I found at Walmart for $15 each.

The Hubs enjoying the upgrade.
Excited to see everything coming together, piece by piece!


  1. nice grab Mrs. S!
    Great family photo - y'all look great!

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