Sunday, January 8, 2012

Office Space

We have a little corner right next to the kitchen by the chalkboard wall that needed some utilizing. I was needing a little space where I can work on the computer, do some admin work and some studying so the idea for an office nook was born! I am loving having this bit of organized space and hope it helps me be more productive:)

The last chair from the set I got off Kijiji for a steal, 5 for $40. Since it was the only captain's chair, I decided to paint it the opposite color of its counterparts and went with black.

Proof that this chair was antique - it was stuffed with straw! So gross... but definitely worth it for the price.

Paint + fabric = magical makeover

I saw some ideas for making a fabric corkboard and decided to give it a go. Now one thing I've learned through all these projects is that I am not a naturally talented DIY-er like many of the other women bloggers whose blogs I read. They always make it look so easy but I usually stumble upon some sort of complication, buy the wrong parts, measured the wrong size, sweat, cry, etc, etc. So all this to say, if I can do it, ANYONE can - I'm not going to give up (yet:)!

For the fabric corkboard, I went and bought a frame at Michael's. You might not know this but they have a small area over by their custom framing area where they sell frames I'm assuming were mix-ups from their custom orders and all of them, no matter how big or small, are all $8. The only thing is that they are final sale so you can't return them so make sure it's really the frame you want. I went with this nice big one that had some fun carvings in it.

Painted and distressed it...

Went to Home Depot and bought a piece of hardboard (I think it was about $5?) which they will cut to size for you. They give you 2 free cuts, anything after that, they'll charge you.

Bought squares of corkboard they had at Dollarama and measured them out on the hardboard then used spray adhesive to glue them together.

Found this big beautiful piece of vintage yellow fabric at where else, Bibles for Missions! For $3! I ironed it out, glued and stapled it onto the backside of the corkboard then popped the entire thing into the frame. This will be good for the future when I want to change out the fabric, making it easy to remove from the frame. Now this is where the project gave me a run for my money. The backboard ended up being a smidge too big for the frame and since I don't have an electric saw, I had to whittle that thing down with a steak knife. This part made me want to go bonkers but it worked!

The sweet Hubs screwed top and bottom into the wall for me (this frame was a little wonky so in order to have it be completely flush against the wall we had to drill it in). I put some white paint over the top of the screws and voila! This thing is ready to get pinned!

Here's a before shot of the desk we bought at Moveline for $33.

 And here's the final product! 
Now I'm on the lookout for just the right table lamp...


  1. Suelynn- you have some serious DIY skills.
    right on.

  2. that looks awesome!! when do you find time to do this with 2 kids?!?!

  3. Kenzie! It's called one of the benefits and joys of having Grandma in town:) It would have definitely taken me way longer to do if it wasn't for my amazing Mom watching the kids for me.