Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dollarama Spring Finds

We had crazy hot weather here last week - I felt like I was back in California! And there's nothing like some good ol' sunshine that puts me in the mood to springify up our home a bit. My sister-in-law and I went thrifting and Dollarama shopping the other day and I was impressed with what Dollarama had for spring decor. I only bought a couple things but they add a nice touch to our fireplace mantel, and for a couple bucks a piece, that's a score.

Aren't these so cute? They had them in light blue and light green as well but I went with the cream.

I loved these birds, they are so pleasantly plump but I didn't love their color. However, I had some white spray paint laying around the house that would easily fix the problem. Which by the way is a cheap and easy decorating tip, there's been plenty of times where I saw candlesticks, ceramic vases, figurines, etc. at the thrift store  but wasn't a fan of the color, but with some spray paint love, they look fantastic!

Ta da! I just sprayed them, then roughed them up with some sand paper so that they wouldn't look so stark white.

Everything but the mirror, green plant, and vase with the white flowers are from previous thrift and Dollarama runs. Those candlesticks were from Value Village and were  an ugly brown color before I sprayed them a nice classic black. 
Bring on Spring!

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