Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy Berry Buttermilk Cake

Do you ever wonder why they don't sell buttermilk in smaller sizes? When I need to buy buttermilk for a recipe, I typically only need a 1/2 cup or so then usually end up tossing the rest of it later. Well, I found a great cake recipe where if you have extra buttermilk sitting around, (you'll probably have the rest of the ingredients in the house as well), this would put it to good use.

This is such a quick and easy cake to make, the texture and taste is more like a coffee cake than a cake-cake, it really takes just a few minutes to whip together and you can use whatever fruit you want in it, even top it with cinnamon and sugar to make it more coffee-cake-ish. I didn't have any fresh raspberries on hand so I used some frozen mixed berries instead - the result was delicious! 

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  1. I totally have buttermilk left over this week from a recipe...this was so good I'm going to make it too!!