Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Roxy!!!

I cannot even believe that our sweet Roxy girl is 1 today! Exactly one year ago she was born in my in-laws' basement (click here for Roxy's birth story) and she has been such a joy and delight to our hearts and lives ever since. Roxy is a Mama's girl who loves to snuggle, she loves music and always dances and claps whenever she hears it, she thinks her Daddy and Brother are hilarious, she is fearless and likes to explore around the house and she is the cutest little girl that I ever did see.

We love you so much Roxy Grace and we pray that we will love and shepherd you in a way that points you toward Christ and your need for Him; our heart's desire more than anything is for you to know and love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength for in that will you ever experience true love and true happiness and discover the whole reason for why you were born and know what is really worth living and dying for.

Happy birthday sweet baby girl.

Just born

Proud Daddy

Brother and sister meeting each other for the first time

Sleeping Beauty

Smiling all the time

Sweet siblings

At the pumpkin patch

Enjoying tummy time

Santa Baby

Kung Fu Roxy

First official portrait

Trying out a new hat

Being taken care of by Brother

Funny girl

First time sitting in the front of the cart

Beanie Baby

My perspective most of the time

First time playing in sand

Wearing Daddy's hat

She's got music in her blood

Trying out some chocolate

Loves to be held


Loves Daddy

Taken today on her 1st birthday


  1. Happy #1 Roxy!!! Sue, she is just so YOU :). Loved catching up on your lives the last month. I miss Margaret, looks like you all had a great time together. The basement looks A-MAZING too, can we come visit? lol Great to get into your Canadian world for a little while, sending love.