Sunday, June 3, 2012

Homemade Icecream

When I first moved to Canada I was shocked by how expensive icecream is here (including cheese and dairy in general). A pint of Ben and Jerry's or Haggen Dazs can run you up to 7 dollars - it's crazy! So how excited was I when I received this icecream maker attachment for my birthday this year from my awesome in-laws, which I've been eyeing for years, including a Ben and Jerry's icecream recipe book. 

My first thought was "Yaaay!" Then my second thought was "Uh oh." I try not to make it too much and save it more for when we entertain guests but it's such a fun thing to serve up since a) Who doesn't like icecream? and b) To know that it's homemade makes it that much better.

If you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, I highly recommend this icecream maker attachment. It's SOOO easy to use, just store it in the freezer so that you can make icecream immediately whenever the time strikes and you don't have to fuss with salts or the trouble of having to acquire a whole other appliance. You can purchase it off of Amazon for a good price.

Easily attaches to your mixer as your mixing bowl would. The bowl just needs to be frozen for at least 15 hours beforehand but if you just store it in your freezer then you can always be ready to make icecream at a moment's notice.

It turns the icecream mixture into soft serve in about 20 minutes.

Right before you turn off the machine, you'll want to throw in your refrigerated toppings.
(In this case, Oreo and Skor)

Just about done, you can tell because it gets super thick.

Voila! You can either eat it right away if you're a soft serve kind of person or pour it into a plastic container and freeze to have a firmer icecream. I prefer to freeze it since it starts to melt real fast if you're eating it right when it's done mixing.

And just like that, you've got yourself some delicious, all-natural, customized icecream, enjoy!

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