Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Latest Happenings

As usual, life has been bumpin', but especially so since we have my parents in town. My Mom and Dad are such a blessing when they visit, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, basically treating us like we're their guests! They are such a wonderful example of sacrifice and servanthood and we are so thankful for the times they are able to be here with us.

Yesterday was my sweet Mom's birthday and we were able to have a fun family dinner to celebrate the famous and well-loved Margarita! My Mom is the best and anyone that knows her can't help but love her - I strive to be the kind of wife and mother that she has been and continues to be - I love you so much Mom!

We had chicken chili, mixed green salad, and baked potatoes

My Mom's favorite: angel food cake with fresh strawberries

Getting help blowing out the candles

These kids are beyond blessed to call this lady their "Po Po" (Chinese for "Grandma")

Taste testing the cake

Our days have also consisted of sweet moments like these:

Gong-Gong ("Grandpa") with sweet Roxy girl

Loves dirt

Caught them having a little snuggle, I think my heart bursted

Someone has her two bottom teeth now!

Loving blueberries

This kid kills me!

Basements are a huge thing here in Canada, many homes have them finished and many do not. When we moved in, ours was unfinished and we've always had the desire to finish it for the extra space and we were blessed to finally achieve doing so and all within a month! Major props to the Hubby for acting as the general contractor, scheduling and organizing everyone and everything to make it all go smoothly and quickly! We are loving having an extra floor to live in and to house visitors (so come visit!) and I am looking forward to outfitting and decorating it.

There is still the laundry area and Matt's office that need to be completed but for the most part, everything is done!

Some before shots:

And after:

(The lights weren't finished in this part yet)

And the garden has been growing! It is amazing to watch the fruits and vegetables growing already and I've been constantly amazed at how many spiritual illustrations I am reminded of when I look at the garden every day; it's a worship service in my heart everytime I go outside and gaze at the life pushing up through the dirt - I praise God for His creation and for the powerful beauty of how He has designed bountiful life to originate in a tiny little seed. God is beautifully and brilliantly amazing!!

 I cannot believe how fast these are growing!

 Yay for little green signs of life!

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  1. we are finishing our basement too....it's a lot of work! yours looks amazing!!