Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Latest Happenings

We are in the thick of summer and are enjoying our days filled with many blessings from the Lord. Here's a snapshot of what's been going on lately:

Haircut time for Jet
(scroll down for a video of the actual haircut)

July 1st is Canada Day here (like the US's version of the 4th of July) and we were able to spend the day at an older couple's home from our church celebrating and saying good-bye to a sweet couple from our church who are heading out to California to attend Master's Seminary this fall.

Roxy enjoying Daddy time

The Manks have an amazingly beautiful backyard and their house is right on the lake


Possible romance? Joshua Hales is so sweet with Roxy; he'll see her, smile, come up and say, "Hi Roxy" and caress her face. It's adorable. But we're apparently not letting her date until she's 30 so you will have to wait buddy.

Fireworks right on the lake to top off the day

The Lord has been so kind to bless Matt with work - here he is standing in front of a house he recently sold.

We've been enjoying eating outside in our little garden oasis. 
Roxy enjoyed her banana.

Italian night

Roxy rockin' her first bathing suit of the summer. Our friends from church invited us over to have a BBQ and to use their pool.

Isn't sure about this...

 Although she normally likes being in the bathtub, she did not like being in this big pool.

Jet eventually warmed up to it.

Future pianist?

See, I think something's going on between these two

Our first salad from our garden

We've been enjoying lots of park time with PoPo

Walking with PoPo

Sweet dreaming Roxy

Partying with the Rox-star

My girly tomboy

Jet and his beloved Mr. Bear

Snuggle time with Daddy

Self-portrait. I typically find a lot of these on my iPhone.

And last but not least, our nephew, Kingston Leonard Vincent Sylvester was born earlier this week! We've been waiting and waiting for him to arrive so we are so excited that he's finally here! Looking forward to seeing these cousins grow up together.

And here's some random video footage of our day to day life if you want to see the kiddos in action:

Roxy will dance every time she hears music. Jet will jump on his Dad every time he's laying on the couch.

Jet did SUCH a good job sitting still while getting his haircut, so proud of my little guy.

And I'll just let this video speak for itself. And no, he did not witness Tara giving birth.