Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4 Days Old

Today was Slade's official due date and in a way, it does feel like we've actually "received" him today since they gave us the green light today to take him home tomorrow!!! His MRI results came back with nothing to be concerned about and they are confident in their decision to release him straight home rather than back to the referring hospital so that is amazing news! They were actually even willing to let us take him home tonight but gave us the option of staying at a room in the hospital with him in order to feel comfortable with having him unmonitored through the night so we decided to do that and were told by the doctors that after one last meeting with them in the morning, we'll be able to leave here as early as 9:30am.

Slade has also been eating like a champ and is doing everything a healthy, thriving baby should be doing so we are so thankful for that.

Matt and I want to thank each and everyone of you who have been faithfully lifting Slade and our family up in prayer, for your sweet messages, emails, and texts and that just because we maybe couldn't respond to each of you individually, know that we read every single word and were greatly encouraged and strengthened by all of your love. We both kept marvelling with each other at God's kindness and grace to us to bless us with such amazing family and friends. 

As we prepare to bring Slade home please pray that our hearts will continue to trust God, especially now that we're on higher alert with Slade's challenging start on life, that our hearts will not be ruled by fear and paranoia but that we will have total peace and calm in caring for him, knowing that each and every breath Slade takes, or even Jet and Roxy for that matter, are all given by our great Creator and to know that He has numbered all our days and to strive to live each day faithfully honoring Him, finding freedom, confidence, and joy in His sovereignty. 

We love you all so much and can never thank you enough for all the ways you have strengthened our hearts in the last few days. We thank God for you.

Pics from today:

This is what he was doing when we first came to see him today.

Tired but happy Daddy

He looks so much like one of those old school Chinese babies, especially with that hairdo.

Such a happy day! 
Can't believe that he's our third - we are beyond blessed.

First meeting with Uncle Adam. 
Adam and Ive have been such a major blessing to us during this time. They live close by the hospital and whenever we needed it, they would let us crash at their place late at night, drive us around, feed us, and made sure we were comfortable. We love you guys so much!

With sweet Auntie Ive

Slumber party with Daddy - yaaayyyy!!!

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